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Furthermore, many of them have never seen the relationship of their musical career and their Christian lifestyle as something to be integrated.

As a result many have been consumed by the values they originally set out to challenge.

This qualitative research project focused on selected postmodern women and addressed the manner in which their unique worldview has shaped their mentoring preferences.

Thus the problem this study seeks to address is how to provide mentoring opportunities that meet the needs of young women.

On the other hand, some choose to stay safe within the walls of the church, and as a result they never have any impact on the culture for the sake of Christ either.

Readers discover not only the key communication factors that each senior pastor identified in casting a church planting vision, but also the issues that arose through the images that were created.

Such vision-achieving churches have certainly learned how to hire for better fit.

The results of each case showed strong correlation with one another as well as with the biblically-derived and best practice supplemented “right fit” hiring process developed herein.

As part of the research report, current literature on the postmodern worldview is reviewed and related to the practice of mentoring.

The case study research design is also detailed and three case study sites described.

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Though these elements are not the only ones necessary in a mentoring relationship, they are established as foundational to the process.

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