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It was the seat of a bishopric at the end of the Roman era before it was conquered by the Bretons in 851.Although Nantes was the primary residence of the 15th-century dukes of Brittany, Rennes became the provincial capital after the 1532 union of Brittany and France.The confluence of the Erdre and the Loire (where Nantes was founded) in an 1890s photochrom.The river channels in the picture were diverted and filled in during the 1920s and subsequently replaced with roads.The most spectacular Viking attack in Nantes occurred in 843, when Viking warriors killed the bishop but did not settle in the city at that time.Feudalism took hold in France during the 10th and 11th centuries, and Nantes was the seat of a county founded in the ninth century.It is the fourth-highest-ranking city in France, after Paris, Lyon and Marseilles.

They chose Nantes, the largest town in Brittany (with a population of over 10,000), as their main residence and made it the home of their council, their treasury and their chancery.

Like much of the region, Nantes was part of the Roman Empire during the early Middle Ages.

Although many parts of Brittany experienced significant Breton immigration (loosening ties to Rome), Nantes remained allied with the empire until its collapse in the fifth century.

Deindustrialisation in the second half of the 20th century spurred the city to adopt a service economy.

In 2012, the Globalization and World Cities Research Network ranked Nantes as a Gamma world city.

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Nominoe (a Breton) became the first duke of Brittany, seizing Nantes in 850.

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