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To qualify for the Dean’s Honor Roll, students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours with a 3.5 grade point average (no grades lower than a “B”).Courses graded with an “I,” “N” and “P” are excluded from the minimum credit hours required to be considered for the Honor Roll. 11-JUN-2001, Block: EIGHT X, Lot: 8, Location: 1 1/2 SE, 1 WS, Space: H-1, Relative/Friend: Alfred Pimintel, Father Pina, Baby Pedro, d. 22-Jul-1908, Block: D, Lot 427, Relative/Friend: F. 13-DEC-1999, Block: NINE, Lot: 55, Location: 10 1/2 WE, Space: D, Relative/Friend: Rechel Pina, Mother Pine, Drinda May, d. 26-JAN-2000, Block: I, Lot: 1068, Location: 7 1/2 NE, Space: 5, Relative/Friend: William Ted Pinson, Step-son Piper, Anna B., d. Rogers State University has announced its President’s and Dean’s Honor Rolls for the fall 2015 semester.To qualify for the President’s Honor Roll, students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours with a 4.0 grade point average (no grades lower than an “A”).

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24-DEC-1903, Lot 1099, Relative/Friend: Mrs Hattie D.

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13-Jan-1917, Block: L, Lot: 1271, Relative/Friend: W.

21-Apr-2009, Block: SIX, Lot: 508, Location: 4 1/2 NE, Space: A, Relative/Friend: Yvonne Pham, Daughter Phare, Ellen, bur.

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7-Nov-1911, Block: G, Lot 674, Relative/Friend: Zabe P.