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No credit card cams dating

But Arastoo feels he needs to be with his family, but the two part reminding of each other's love.

Though things first started alright, Arastoo Jeffersonian's reputation gone down since her departure.

Cam never got to give him her answer, they rushed to Hodgins who collapsed on the lab floor.Cam tries to persuade him but also tells him she'd follow him to where ever he got a new job.Arastoo sadly states though, he knows her home is with the Jeffersonian and even though she loves him; she'd never be truly happy away from home and her friends.And much to her surprise, Arastoo returns to offer help.But he admits he also came for Cam and be support; knowing how Hodgins and Aubrey were like family to her.

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Later she asks him to drive her home, as she is worried about going home to an empty house with the killer potentially being able to identify her.