Men scammers of dating siteslist christian speed dating ottawa

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You can help by reporting them to us, so we can remove them.

Scammer may exchange emails with you for days or much longer, you may talk on the phone, until the two of you decide to meet.

We helped thousands of men having saved more than 10 million euros for them.The majority of scammers are located in Africa especially West Africa: Nigeria (Lagos), Senegal, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire; and Russia and Ukraine (for this reason, these areas are blocked from using Connecting Singles, but some of them get around these blocks).This type of scam is very common on dating sites and you will likely receive email from a scammer on this site.They may want you to buy something with the money and send to them - or their trip falls through and they ask you to send the money back.Scammer sends you counterfeit cashiers checks and you end up losing the money you sent to them.

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Unfortunately, since 2005 the legislation on placing private information in Internet has changed significantly, so in 2015 we took a decision to close this website not to breach legislation of some countries important for us.

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