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Considerable effort went into disproving the possibility that adolescents might be depraved and the vulnerable driven to crime by reading the unexpurgated text.Kenneth Walker, a consulting surgeon specialising in sexual problems, believed instead that it 'would help such men with their difficulties, to read this book’.This mood soon changed, however, and Penguin’s lawyer, Michael Rubinstein, accomplished a phenomenal amount in the eight weeks they had to prepare the case.The new Act allowed testimony of expert witnesses, but left the definition of 'expert’ conveniently vague. Thirty-five witnesses would be called, with as many in reserve – those reserves including Iris Murdoch, T S Eliot and Aldous Huxley.

Rubinstein must have been delighted to read the Bishop of Woolwich’s response: 'Archbishop William Temple once said that Christians do not make jokes about sex for the same reason that they do not make jokes about Holy Communion – not because it is dirty, but because it is sacred.

A Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel ( Emmanuelle ) embarks on a voyage of sexual discovery.

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She is topless and she receives acupuncture, then she began to masturbate and fuck with a guy in a variety of positions.

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Copies are unlikely to be burned in public, there will be no prosecution, and no one is likely to be depraved or corrupted or even slightly outraged.

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