Fun dating idea dating rich and lonely women for

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Fun dating idea

As long as you don't mind that there will more than likely be hundreds of kids running around, you're good. Going to IKEA and playing house, and then finishing they day off with some good old Swedish meatballs could low key end up being one of the most fun dates you'll ever have.

IKEA // #1-3320 Jacombs Rd and 1000 Lougheed Hwy Okay so we don't mean take your dog out for a walk, though we guess you could.

Protip: For additional romance, visit Iona Beach and go plane @life So maybe you two are a little bit eccentric and aren't the cutesy type.

You guys like watching scary movies and playing with ouija boards.

This one's not for those who get easily embarrassed, but if you let your adventurous side come out, it's guaranteed to be a fun time.

Toss around a Frisbee in the park or hit up the basketball court for some one-on-one.Take your bae out on a coffee shop hop around Vancouver with this list of must go coffee shops in the @janamusilk Okay, so you don't actually have to be at a beach, maybe a park or a lake, but some of the best conversations I've ever had with my significant other is while taking a nice walk in a quiet place.Try taking a stroll at one of these hidden beaches in Vancouver while holding each others' hands and cute shit like that.Teamwork and the natural endorphins are guaranteed to pull you closer.There's no better time than now to plan for a beach date, whether you're going with a group of friends or hanging out one-on-one.

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Pack some snacks and sunscreen at high noon or head out to the sands for a sunset stroll.