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Firass dirani dating

By series end, Vida had apparently gotten over her dislike of the color pink, having dyed all her hair that color.She and her teammates joined the Megaforce Rangers and every other previous Ranger team in battling the Armada in Super Megaforce.He never had the chance to make any real friends before moving to Briarwood and values the friendships he has - he was the first to befriend the troblin Phineas and was willing to surrender to the villain Oculous in order to save his friends.Although Nick isn't the type to hold grudges and is noted for his honour in combat by Daggeron, he makes an exception for Koragg.He was also quite jealous of Daggaron because he was the frog whom Maddie kissed unknowingly. Nick was adopted as a baby and never knew his birth parents, and he keeps the red blanket his baby self was originally wrapped in for sentimental reasons.He took a while to open up to the Rangers about this.He would later rejoin his teammates in Power Rangers Super Megaforce as part of an army of veteran Rangers who aided the Megaforce Rangers in their final battle with the Armada.

The powers of the Mystic Rangers are derived from beings known as the Ancient Titans, creatures with great elemental powers, symbolized by mythological creatures from various Earth mythologies on the Ranger's visors (the creatures being the phoenix, the sprite, the garuda, the minotaur and the mermaid). Ever since his parents have been away for business trips and other important things, he has been riding on his motorcycle from relative to relative.He later gains the power to combine with Fire Heart to become the Red Dragon Fire Ranger, possessing enough power to bring down an army of Hidiacs and Styxoids. Vida Rocca, or just "V" to her fellow Rangers, is Madison's sister and the Pink Mystic Ranger, ironic because she hates the color pink.Vida loves to DJ at the Rock-Porium, and is one of Madison's most frequent film subjects.He was pushed to the limit afterward, seeing Udonna captured, the world destroyed and his father briefly killed, but was convinced by Madison that he couldn't give up and that the Rangers needed him to keep fighting; he was able to wound the Master enough to force him to retreat and, in the last clash, led the Rangers in destroying him.Soon after the final battle, Nick along with Udonna and Leanbow rode off into the sunset on motorcycles to see his adopted parents. With hints of a possible romance with Madison, Nick promised Madison he would return to Briarwood for her, leaving her with his old baby blanket.

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The Knight Wolf had repeatedly used magical telepathy to draw Nick into combat and the two had become constant rivals; during Dark Wish, Nick attempted to fight Koragg even though he possessed no magic or Ranger power.