Dating documents forensics

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Dating documents forensics

To learn more about OSAC, forensic sciences and their place in the ever changing legal landscape, view our on demand webinar OSAC Essentials: Forensic Science Resources.NCSTL offered the next installment in its series of Crime Scene to Courtroom Forensics webinars.The Snapshot analysis service developed by Virginia-based Parabon uses DNA to estimate the colour of an individuals hair, skin and eyes, as well as face shape, and then creates an image that should look similar to the person.

Longstanding concerns remain about the reliability of certain forensics evidence in criminal cases across the country, as research increasingly shows that techniques such as comparisons of hair found at crime scenes, handwriting analyses, bite-mark evidence and certain ballistics tests are scientifically flawed.The on-demand webinar is free and attendees who complete the course are eligible for CLE credit.This webinar was made possible by BJA Grant #2015-CP-BX-K006.The on-demand webinar and course materials can be found in the Training and Education section of the NCSTL website.NCSTL presented a live training seminar in the Capital Litigation Initiative: Crime Scene to Courtroom Forensics Training series.

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Funding for the center is provided in partnership with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the research, development and evaluation agency of the U. A second site led by the University of South Alabama and its partner, Texas A&M University, will focus on digital forensics and data analysis as well as microbial and decomposition forensics.

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