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When you start working through the beliefs in your head, you’ll see how much your own internal angst is limiting you.The pain you’re causing yourself – there’s another, far less painful route if only you’d start considering your options.

There are only too many people out there who are willing to go and put some crappy ‘love oil’ in your ‘tank’.It suited me to believe I’d mess it up – I never really had to try and put myself out there.I’d throw my energy into the limited capacity of a limited relationship.It felt like a lot and that I was working for the relationship – I was running on the spot.It suited me to think I was unlovable – It was like giving myself license to be resigned to dating assclowns.

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It’s like we don’t believe in healthy relationships anymore and are desperate to fill up a void with somebody, anybody…just as long as they cater to our beliefs.