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As danger inches closer, he’s her only route to safety…and a forbidden attraction she dares to indulge in.Also includes: COLTON DESTINY by Justine Davis COLTON’S RANCH REFUGE by Beth Cornelison COLTON’S DEEP COVER by Elle Kennedy Senator Joe Kelley’s secrets have finally come to light and his family is rallying around him to help.

If the work is an adaption, it may be an Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole.Can crop up when the writers want to quickly counteract Ho Yay, Incest Subtext, or a Relationship Writing Fumble.Often results in an Audience Reaction version of I Can't Believe a Guy Like You Would Notice Me or What Does She See in Him? Compare Ships That Pass in the Night for fanon couples like this. Note: While some of the examples are universally agreed upon, this trope can get very subjective due to Ship-to-Ship Combat, Shipping Goggles, or plain disagreements. The result is that the two characters go through a leap of characterization all the way to a Relationship Upgrade without any of the usual in-betweens; apparently Cupid forgot to tie the Red String of Fate on the lovers' pinkies at birth, and in a desperate attempt to save face he ended up garroting them with it in a back alley while he thought the audience wasn't paying attention. True, you just met this other woman, but give her a few minutes and you'll have known her just as long. Sometimes the writers decide that the important part is getting those two characters in a relationship, and the rest will somehow sort itself out.

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He doesn’t count on his sting operation falling apart—or being forced to escape with the breathtaking key witness he’s sworn to protect. Amish seamstress Hannah Troyer’s more than a little out of her element.