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Once you have typed in the correct letter, it cannot be changed.Moving about the Crossword Use the Space Bar or Arrow keys to move around the crossword.Deleting or changing letters Click on the letter then use the Backspace key.Or click on the letter and just type another one over it.If you were in an ACROSS word-space on the crossword, the Space Bar will move you to the next word going ACROSS.If you were in a DOWN word-space, it will move you to the next word going DOWN.

Tournaments and other competitions have sprung up around the world.

Dedicated fans have not been shy in expressing their love for the crossword.

Songs written include 'Cross Word Puzzle Blues' and 'Since Ma’s Gone Crazy over Crossword Puzzles'.

If you've already filled a few squares you can enter the letters you already have into Crossword Solver to search for words that will fit.

Use a question mark in place of any letters you don't have and don't forget to include any '?

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This will highlight both the clue (in the column on the right) and the word-space in the crossword. If you are correct, the word-space will be highlighted in blue.

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